Business Development & Quality (BDQ)

Operations Management Consultancy and Transformation

The Business Development & Quality (BDQ) is a national organization established officially in 2018 to help customers in the proper implementation of Lean Six Sigma.  It also provides consulting services in all areas of operations management such as; quality, supply chain, procurement and warehousing. BDQ through its international relationships and collaborative efforts brings together experts and resources from around the world to promote lean thinking and the development of local lean leaders to help organizations with their lean transformations.

Dr. Yousuf Nasser Al Khamisi

Founder and CEO

Dr Abdullah Al Maniri

Data Academy, CEO

Dr Hilal Al Sawai

ICV Manager, Daleel Petroleum

Dr Hammad AlNasseri

Senior Project Engineer, Sultan Qaboos University

Abdulaziz Al Rawahi

Supply chain business support team lead

Eng. Saud AlJunaibi

Co-Founder of Growth Investments

Dr Mouza Al Hadhrami,

Assistant Prof in Marketing, SQU

BDQ with the international collaboration of Lean Gulf Institute and Bilal Consultancy England brings the academic, business and industry communities in the region together through Gap analysis, training, implementation and follow up of lean transformation model for the institution. Collaboration with our local partners will enable us to understand the local market challenges that will enable BDQ to build a reliable model for the targeted organizations.

Consultation sessions to review targeted processes

Full business Lean transformation Framework

Lean Enterprise Self Assessment Tool (LESAT)

Full Operations Management Review

Supply chain management review

Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED) technique

Optimization of overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Ouality Management System Development

ISO 9001: 2015 QMS preperation

Warehousing Management review

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